Manufacturer of classic furniture , Art Deco sofa , bed service

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Salami Furniture includes 50 models in the sections of classic furniture, Art Deco sofa, adult bedroom service, children and teen room bedroom service, sideboard and decoration, curtains, chandeliers and paintings.

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Salami Furniture Company is one of the pioneers in the production of classic furniture, art deco and bed service in various designs. Which operates in this industry with more than half a century of experience. Over time, by attracting experienced specialists and using technology, it optimizes its level of activity with the latest designs in the world and also takes steps to improve the quality of products. It is also worth mentioning that the quality of Salami furniture products is completely competitive with similar foreign products.

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Articles on home decor, office decoration and tips on buying furniture

Furniture buying advice, home and work decoration design

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If you need advice to buy a sofa or decoration design for your home or workplace, our experts are ready to answer your questions, dear ones.


How to arrange furniture in the house

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How to have a good layout?

An empty room just like a white paper can be a challenge or an opportunity. There are many ways to arrange home furniture, but the question is where to start?

In this article, we will discuss the basic rules of home layout and divide them into a few practical and simple tips to make them easier to understand. By reading this article, you will understand where you should put each device and what devices you should not use. By understanding this issue, you will choose your home appliances much more carefully.

Of course, it should be noted that these tips will not turn you into a professional interior designer in one day, but only show the right way and help you achieve a practical and desirable result without much stress. Become. Only in this way will you be able to have a professional layout and decoration in a way that others think you have hired an interior designer. In the following article, we will mention some important points.