All about leather furniture

If your room does not have Dnjy and security, nothing better than leather, not Charhsaz. This Chrmha like Nymchkmhhay old, well maintain their quality over the years. With large leather sofas, wooden furniture can be coordinated with the leather color, use. In this week’s column with tips on how to buy leather furniture for different applications are discussed:

First: To be Chrmytan clean and soft furnishings remain, sort it out and dust it with the occasional special leather polish brush.
Second point: furniture and leather sofas from heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces outdoor fire Keep it dry and brittle leather will cause overheating

Third Tip: Before buying better quality of leather and grading Chrmha Dashthbashyd knowledge to make a good product to buy. Chrmhayy homogeneous and uniform colors with dark colors and they are of good quality and elegance and also the type of leather has a certain softness. Most of these Chrmha may quickly break

Fourth Tip: Before buying, the scale and size of the house and its furniture in a space that is supposed to take place in the mind.

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